Leaving Starlight Wellness to book New Patient COVID-19 Symptomatic/Other Respiratory Symptoms Appointment

Attention: You will now be redirected to AeroDPC. AeroDPC is a third-party platform in order to securely collect personal information to share with our healthcare providers. 

AeroDPC is an independent telemedicine platform that securely gathers and stores personal information. This platform also allows our providers to schedule appointments and collect payment. 

There are potential risks associated with telehealth medicine. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your primary care physician if you have any concerns you may have about the process.

The timeframes for each consultation type has been laid out in each section. If there is an extremely high volume of appointment requests, there may be a delay and we will communicate with you accordingly. 

Neither Starlight Wellness nor our partners can guarantee the timeframe of prescription and medical equipment delivery. 

The pharmacy and the medical equipment company will contact you directly to discuss which treatment options you prefer. 

Any follow up questions about the prescriptions can be directed to the pharmacy. Any interest in a follow up appointment can be directed to our website for a “Existing Patient: Follow Up Appointment.”

By signing up for our services, you agree and understand the above statements. I hereby consent to sharing my personal information with Starlight Wellness.