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Achieving optimal health is done through adopting healthy habits through proper nutrition, how we move, sleep, and drink. It is also important to supplement our bodies with additional vitamins and minerals that we may not get through our diet alone. You may be recommended specific supplements by your provider, however you will have access to the full catalog of options. Please check out the link below to see a wide selection of professional-grade supplements at a discounted price that can be shipped directly to your home. Fullscript is a third-party dispensary that will provide you with excellent customer service.

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Support your immune system by using Dr. Vladimir Zelanko’s supplement called Z-Stack. It is an all-natural formula designed for supporting the natural defense system of the body.

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PROTECT THOSE YOU CARE FOR! CofixRX is the additional layer of protection trusted by hundreds of pharmacists and doctors nationwide. This product is a safe and effective Povidone-Iodine nasal spray proven to boost your immune system and help protect against germs and pathogens lasting up to 8 hours per application.

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